Wilson Bourg Lumber & Building Supply (WBL) has delivered quality building products to the Metropolitan New Orleans area for more than 75 years. Our delivery fleet provides a VARIETY of delivery options, including: LCF flat bed truck for big deliveries in tight places (i.e. French Quarter) and an enclosed  high roof van for rain deliveries.  Your order can be onsite – same day as your order.

DELIVERY IS FREE, and can be scheduled to drop off materials to any job site in the Metro New Orleans region.   Call us for details!


The owner of WBL is a licensed contractor with over thirty-five years of building experience both new construction, remodeling, and major renovations.  If you have a old French Quarter shotgun and need help, come to WBL.  Every one of our associates has completed specialized training in some segment of the building materials market.

Whether building new, remodeling or simply working on a home improvement project, Wilson Bourg Lumber & Building Supply can assist you. Any construction project, no matter the size, starts with two common factors – a plan and quality construction materials. Fortunately we provide both, whether you’re looking for design ideas or superior lumber, turn to Wilson Bourg Lumber & Building Supply.


Wilson Bourg Lumber & Building Supply offers lines of credit to businesses, individuals and other creative financing options to maintain control of job costs, and allow homeowners the opportunity to make repairs and renovations affordably.

Wilson Bourg Lumber & Building Supply offers term options and can provide account history to help you control job costs. Simply download, complete and submit one of the following applications for credit approval in person or by fax to 504.947.6679.

Wilson Bourg Lumber Credit Applicaton

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